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Garden Lantern Lamps

Chinese light Manufactory & supplier,Garden lanterns,Courtyard light use solar Panelpower supply to charge the batteries during the day, battery supply power for courtyard light source at night,without complex and expensive pipeline laying,can easily adjust the layout of lamps and lanterns,safety and energy saving pollution-free, good design of intelligent control for charging and opening / closing process,the automatic light control switch,no manual operation, stable and reliable, save electricity, maintenance free.
We do Offer OEM/ODM for customers all over the world.
Lighting Fixture Category
  • Garden Lanterns

    Chinese lighting Lantern supplier,die-casting alumimnum hosing for Traditional luminaire, LED lamps , LED luminaire, can be in solar panel power as light energy.

    We do offer of the CNC tooling , OEM or ODM projector for customers all over the world
    suitable for illumination of squares, sideworks,  parks etc

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